Slack Direct Message

Automatically send rich, fully personalised Slack messages to a user or group of users at the right time.

Before you begin, make sure you have connected at least one Slack sender as instructed in Connect accounts.

Workflow step

Creating a Slack Direct Message is straight forward. To begin, add a new step and choose step type Slack Direct Message. Give a title for your step.

Select one of the connected Slack accounts as sender, then select the recipients. You can choose Slack users by their name or you can use Employee Fields to send the message to members based on the Employee going through the Automation. You may select one or more recipients. In case you select multiple recipients, a Slack conversation is opened between all the recipients.

Finally, write the message benefiting from all the Employee Fields.

Automation step

When you have created an Automation with Slack Direct Message, you can edit the message before it is sent.

There are also the following step actions you can take:

  • Reschedule step - change the sending time for the message

  • Execute now - instruct Introist to send the message immediately

  • Cancel step - cancel the step so it is not sent at all

As soon as the the message is sent or canceled, the step will react it's final state of "completed" or "canceled"

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