Connect accounts

Connect accounts to Introist

Connect email & calendar Account

Google Workspace is used in the demonstration below. Connecting Microsoft Outlook account happens the same way by using the "Microsoft Outlook" tab on the top.

To link your Google Account with Introist, begin by selecting "Settings" and then "Linked Accounts" from your dashboard.

Click on the "Add Account" option, then log in with your Google credentials when prompted. Follow Google's steps to authenticate and authorize Introist to access your account. This authorization allows Introist to integrate your Google services seamlessly.

Once completed, Introist will have the necessary access to your Google Account, facilitating improved functionality and synchronization between the services.

To further enhance your Introist experience by integrating additional services, follow the steps demonstrated in the video below, which guides you through connecting your Slack account.

Connect Slack Account

Start by clicking on "Slack." From there, select the "Add Account" option to begin the integration process. You will be redirected to a login page for Slack.

Log in with your Slack credentials and follow the instructions provided by Slack to authenticate your account. During this process, you will be asked to grant Introist permission to access your Slack workspace. Carefully review the access permissions requested, and confirm to finalize the integration.

Once successfully connected, Introist will be able to interact with your Slack workspace, allowing for seamless communication and task automation directly through Slack. This connection facilitates better management and coordination across your team, leveraging the robust features of both platforms.

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