Deleting Workspace

Only the owner of a workspace can delete the workspace.

If you want to completely delete your Introist workspace with all the data associated with it, follow these steps.:

  1. Make sure there are no active Automations. If any, cancel each automation.

  2. De-activate all Triggers and archive them.

  3. Archive all the Workflows.

  4. Navigate to Settings => Workspace.

  5. Click the "Delete workspace" button.

  6. Confirm that you want to delete the workspace.

Notice that the deletion will fail if there are active resources (Automation, Triggers, or Workflows) in the workspace. This is to prevent any accidental data removal. In case your workspace deletion fails, check that you have archived everything or contact us to help with the deletion.

Please note that after you delete the workspace, data cannot be restored. If you want to export your data, please inform us before deleting your account.

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