Setting up SSO

Currently Introist supports Single Sign-On using SAML.

We support both IdP and SP initiated flows.

To set up SAML SSO:

  1. Drop us a message at to let us know that you would like to setup SSO. We will get back to you with your tenant name (needed in the IdP configuration)

  2. Setup SAML SSO in your IdP with the following information

  3. SAML Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL or Single sign on URL:<your_tenant_name>

  4. Audience Restriction:<your_tenant_name>

  5. Application username:

  6. Email

  7. Relay the following information to us (as instructed in our reply to step one)

    1. Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL

    2. Identity Provider Issuer

    3. X.509 Certificate

4. We will configure your organisations SSO and together with you test that everything is working!

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