Workflow trigger

Workflow triggers enable you to start another workflow at the specific time with all the control features of steps.

Workflow step

To create a Workflow trigger step, start by adding a new step and select "Start another workflow" in the step type select. Configure the timing of the step (Schedule) and select the workflow you would like to be started. You may also select that the automation started will be started as a draft.

Click "Save" to add your step to the workflow.

Automation step

When you have created an Automation with a workflow trigger step, initially it will be in the scheduled state. At this point, you may edit the automation specific step just like a workflow step.

You also have a few actions for the step:

  • Reschedule step - change the timing when the new workflow is launched

  • Execute now - instruct Introist to launch the new workflow immediately, completing the step

  • Cancel step - cancel the step so the workflow is not started at all

As soon as the the new workflow is launched or the step is canceled, the step will react it's final state of "completed" or "canceled".

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