Start Automations automatically

Instead of launching Automations manually when needed, you can set up a Trigger which launches a selected Workflow automatically at the right time for the right employees.

Building a Trigger

To create a new trigger in the Triggers view, begin by clicking the "New" button. Name your trigger and click "Create". You will now have an empty Trigger.

In the "Employee Group" selection, you have the option to limit which employees the trigger should consider. For this tutorial, select "All employees" to apply the trigger universally.

Next, establish the rules for your trigger. Navigate to the "Rules" section and click "Create." For a straightforward onboarding trigger, set the rule to automatically start onboarding for any employee with a start date in the future. This ensures the process begins as soon as the new hire is added to the system(s).

After configuring the rule, move to the "Workflow" section to link the appropriate workflow. Click "Add," then select the workflow that should be launched when the trigger activates. This links the trigger to the specific actions you want automated.

Further customization is available in the "Settings" section. Here, we recommend enabling the "Start as draft" option. Activating this setting ensures that any automation generated by the trigger is created in a draft state. This feature is particularly useful for testing and exploring the trigger’s functionality safely, as it prevents any steps from executing until you finalize them.

Finally, to activate your newly created trigger, toggle the "Active" option. This final step enables the trigger, allowing it to operate according to the rules and workflows you have established. Now, your trigger is set up and ready to automate the onboarding process effectively!

What happens when Trigger activates?

Let's explore an example situation where the Trigger activates and launches an Automation.

What happens here? First, we go to Employees section and set Start date for our example Employee. As the start date we set is indeed in the future, when we come back to see the Trigger and select the Preview -tab, we can see that the example Employee is now in the "Matching employees" category, meaning that the Trigger is about to activate for them. We can further see the reason for this by clicking the eye icon. To run the Trigger immediately, select the context menu for the Trigger from the top right and click "Evaluate now". Trigger will be immediately evaluated and as the example Employee matches the Rules, an Automation is created for them. Finally, we can click the active Automation row to navigate into the detailed view of the launched Automation. This Automation can now be managed as any other Automations.

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