Create Trigger

To create a new Trigger, click "New" in the Triggers view. Give a name for the trigger and click "Create".

To configure the Trigger, you need to do at least the following three things:

Select Employee Group

By default, the trigger will consider to any Employee you have in Introist. If you want to narrow done which Employee should even be considered, you may select a more specific Employee Group. You can read more about how to manage Employee Groups here.

Set Trigger Rules

To set the rules for the trigger, click the edit icon next to "Rules" title. In this editor, you set the rules so that when an Employee from the triggers Employee Group matches all the rules, the Trigger will activate and an automation will be initiated.

Set Trigger Workflow

Finally, next to the "Workflow" title, click the edit icon and select the Workflow that you would like to be launched when this Trigger activates for any Employee.

With those three configuration, you have now set up the Trigger. Notice that the trigger does not do anything yet as it is not active. To preview and activate the Trigger, continue reading to Manage Trigger.

Triggers also have some detailed Settings. You can read more on using those in the Edit Trigger.

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