Manage Trigger

To manage what your trigger does, there are two key actions:

With preview you can get an understanding about which Employees would be matching the Trigger and thus an automation would be started.

Preview Trigger

To preview what your Trigger would be starting, open the trigger from the "Triggers" section and select "Preview" in the top tab bar.

Preview consists of two lists: Matching employees

Employees in the triggers Employee Group who currently pass all the Trigger rules. On the right side of each Employee you see their current status that can be one of three: Pending - Employee matches the rules but no Workflow has been started yet. For these Employee, the trigger will create an Automation at any moment. Active - Employee currently has the trigger active and a Workflow has been started for them. Cooldown - Employee has already gone through the triggers workflow so no new Workflow should be started even when they match the rules.

For all matching employees, you can see the detailed rule values by clicking the eye icon on their row.

Excluded employees

Excluded employees list all the Employees in the triggers Employee Group who are not matching all the rules. For each excluded employee, you can see the detailed rule values by clicking the eye icon on their row.

Activate Trigger

To activate the Trigger, click the "Active" toggle right below the triggers title on the right panel. Trigger is immediately activated and an Automation will be created for any "Pending" Employees shortly.

Inactivate Trigger

Similarly, by clicking the "Active" toggle when the Trigger is active, you inactivate it. For inactive triggers, no Automations are started automatically.

Evaluate Trigger

If you want the Trigger to be processed immediately, launching an Automation to any "Pending" Employees, you can click the action menu next to the triggers title and select "Evaluate now". Trigger will immediately start evaluating and creating Automations for pending Employees.

Notice that "Evaluate now" can start Automations even when the trigger is not active!

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