Workflows serve as customizable templates to automate specific actions based on different employee scenarios. Think of a workflow as a series of steps planned out on a timeline that automatically handles actions without needing to manually intervene each time.

Workflows allow you to set up and automate actions for various situations. Whether it's onboarding a new employee, handling annual reviews, or managing leave requests, workflows ensure that the right actions occur at the right time, tailored to each employee's circumstances.


A key feature of workflows is their ability to integrate timing flexibly. Actions within a workflow can be timed not only based on when the workflow is initiated but also in relation to significant dates specific to each employee, like their start date. This timing precision ensures that actions such as sending welcome emails or initiating onboarding processes are executed at the most appropriate time.


Workflows can be extensively personalized using conditional actions that tailor the process to meet specific needs of each employee. This personalization extends to all actions within the workflow, allowing the content of messages and the details of actions to be customized using available employee data. This capability ensures that each automation feels relevant and specific to the individual.

Types of actions

One-off actions

These actions are executed at the right time and then considered complete. Sending an email is a typical example of a one-off action. Once the email is sent, the action is done and requires no further follow-up.

Monitored actions

These actions require ongoing oversight until they are successfully completed. Examples include setting up calendar meetings or assigning tasks that need monitoring and follow-through. These actions are initiated through the workflow but need active management until they reach their conclusion. Introist can handle a bulk of this monitoring and even make adjustments when needed, e.g. by rescheduling a calendar meeting if an attendee declines.


Workflows in Introist simplify and enhance the management of employee-related actions by automating processes that are crucial yet repetitive, allowing teams to focus on more strategic activities. By integrating both one-off and monitored actions into these workflows, Introist ensures that every action, whether simple or complex, is completed successfully. The ability to personalize these workflows and schedule them around key dates further ensures that each action is executed in the most context-appropriate manner.

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