Workflow Settings

You can access workflow settings from the top right bar. The following information can be modified in the workflow settings:

Name and Description of the Workflow

The name is used inside Introist to identify the workflow. Provide details about what the workflow does in the description.

Target Date

Read more about the target date here. In workflow settings, you can update the target date of the workflow.

When Target Date Value Changes

This setting controls what Introist should do if an employee has an active automation and the target date changes. Options include:

  • Do nothing: No changes are made; the automation runs as initially planned.

  • Add to notifications: You receive a notification. Ensure notifications are activated.

  • Reschedule automation: Reschedules the automation with the new target date, affecting only steps not yet executed.

  • Cancel automation: Cancels the entire automation.

Duplicate Mode

Control whether a single employee can have the same workflow activated:

  • Allow many at the same time: Allow multiple workflows simultaneously.

  • One active at a time: Allow only one active workflow at a time.

  • Allow only once per employee: Allow only one workflow ever for an employee.


Setting the correct timezone ensures actions are executed at the right time. The default order for selecting timezones is:

  • Employee's timezone (if set).

  • Workflow timezone (if set).

  • Workspace default timezone.

You can customize this by changing the order, selecting the workflow timezone, or selecting a custom employee field for timezone. Read more about how timezones work in the Understanding Timezones in Workflows article.

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