Introist is designed to complement your primary HR information systems (HRIS) or other data management tools where you maintain employee information. It operates by maintaining a selective copy of your employee data, allowing you to choose only the information you want Introist to utilize. This selective data integration helps safeguard sensitive personal data by ensuring that only necessary information is ever exposed to the Introist system. In addition to handling data from a single source, Introist is capable of merging employee data from multiple sources.

Employees in Introist can be added either manually or through an automatic synchronization with your connected Data Sources. For more detailed information on how data synchronization works, please refer to the article on Data Sources.

Customization of Employee Fields

At the core of Introist's functionality is the ability to customize employee data. Each employee is associated with customizable data sets, known as Employee Fields. You have the flexibility to select which pieces of information are maintained, whether sourced from existing systems or collected directly by Introist. This level of customization ensures that the system aligns with your specific data structures.

Flexible Employee Linking

Introist offers the flexibility in establishing unique relationships between employees. For example, you can link an employee directly to their manager or define other key relationships that reflect your organizational structure. Unlike systems that come with pre-defined roles and hierarchies, Introist allows you to create and customize your own connections. This capability is crucial for leveraging the meaningful relationships in automations.

Utilizing Employee Data in Workflows and Triggers

Introist uses Employee Fields in both Workflows and Triggers to create highly customizable automations tailored to your organizational needs.

Workflows allow you to use any Employee Fields and connections to personalize automations, ensuring they are specific and relevant to the nuances of your employee data.

Triggers rely on Employee Fields to set rules for automatically starting automations based on defined criteria, ensuring timely and relevant actions.

For more detailed guidance on using these features, refer to the articles on Workflows and Triggers.


In summary, Introist complements your primary HR systems by allowing selective integration and customization of employee data, enhancing data security and efficiency. Its customizable features, such as employee fields and linking relationships, allow for precise adaptation to your organizational needs. This enables effective automation through Workflows and Triggers, tailored to specific employee details, streamlining operations and enhancing data management. For deeper insights and practical guidance, refer to the dedicated articles on Workflows and Triggers to fully leverage Introist’s capabilities.

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