Manage your first Automation

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to effectively manage your newly created automation in Introist. We'll cover several important actions, including cancelling individual steps, making the automation live, executing steps immediately, and finally cancelling the entire workflow for a clean slate.

Manage Automation

First, let's begin by cancelling an individual step in your automation. Open the automation and find the step you wish to cancel. Click on the three dots menu associated with this step to open a drawer of options, and select "Cancel Step." You will be prompted to confirm your decision to ensure it's not cancelled accidentally.

Next, to activate your automation, click on "Start Automation." This action will make your automation live, allowing you to monitor activities such as messages being sent out and calendar events being scheduled in real-time.

Once the automation is live, you may want to execute a particular action immediately. For example, to send out the first email right away, open the email step, navigate to the menu, and select "Execute Step Now." This will send the email immediately, bypassing the scheduled time.

With the automation now fully live and the first step executed, you might want to clean up the process. This is especially useful in a test environment or if you want to ensure no further actions take place. To cancel the entire automation, locate the menu at the top right of the interface and select "Cancel." This will stop all pending actions and remove any scheduled events, ensuring your calendar remains clear.

This sequence of actions will help you manage your automation from start to finish, providing control over each step of the process.

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