Activate Notifications

In this video, we'll guide you through the process of setting up and customizing notifications in Introist. Learn how to select and activate specific alerts for failing steps, expired email connections, draft journeys, and changes in automation target dates. Additionally, we'll show you how to choose the delivery methods for these notifications and set preferences for when you receive them. Follow along to ensure you're always informed about critical updates in your automations.

Setting up notifications

To manage notifications in Introist, begin by navigating to the "Notifications" option located on the left-side menu of your dashboard. This section allows you to customize which notifications you want to receive based on specific criteria relevant to your automations and workflows.

Within the Notifications settings, you have several options to choose from:

  • Report for failing steps: Enable this to receive notifications whenever a step in your automation fails. Failures can occur for various reasons, such as issues sending messages or scheduling calendar events.

  • Report for expired email senders: This notification alerts you if the access to any of your connected email accounts has expired, which is crucial for maintaining seamless communication workflows.

  • Report for draft journeys: Select this to be notified about any automations that are still in draft status, helping you keep track of incomplete setups.

  • Automations with change in target date: If you use connected data sources like HRIS or ATS systems, this notification will inform you of any changes to key information, such as an employee's start date, prompting you to review and adjust automations as necessary.

Additionally, you can decide how you want to receive these notifications, with options to have them sent via email and/or Slack, depending on your preference.

After selecting the types of notifications you wish to activate, you can further customize when you receive these alerts. Specify the days of the week and the time of day that best fit your schedule, ensuring you receive timely updates without disrupting your workflow.

This comprehensive setup allows you to stay informed about the essential aspects of your automations, helping you maintain control and efficiency in your automated processes.

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