Using Quick-Connect Link for Easy Account Linking

The quick-connect link feature in Introist allows you to share a link with anyone who needs to link their account to Introist. This streamlines the process, enabling users to connect their accounts without logging into Introist directly. Here's how to use the quick-connect link for Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Linked Accounts.

  2. Open either the Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook tab.

  3. Find and click the "Copy Connection Link" button.

  4. The connection link will be copied to your clipboard.

Send the copied link to the person you want to give access to, using your preferred communication method (email, messaging app, etc.).

  1. The recipient will see which Introist Workspace they will be adding access to.

  2. They will be prompted to sign in to their Google or Outlook account.

  3. They will need to allow Introist the necessary access.

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