AI settings

When your AI is enabled, there are a few options you can change in the settings.

AI Model

At the moment, you can select between several model options offered by OpenAI. We aim to offer you at least one of the latest and greatest models (Better) to get the highest quality AI suggestions possible, as well as a good balance between a performant, yet cost-effective (Cheaper) model.

Selection of model affects the following things:

  • Quality of the responses from AI

  • Costs of using the AI if you are using your own OpenAI account

  • How fast you reach your monthly usage limit if using Introist AI account


Instructions allow you to give the AI generic instructions on how you would like it to behave. A straight forward analogy to think about this is to consider how you would brief an assistant doing the tasks you ask the AI to do.

Notice that you don't necessarily need to add any instructions for AI to perform well. Writing style

You can give instructions to Introist about what kind of writing style you would like it produce whenever it creates content (e.g. message content). You may write the desired style yourself or you can use Introist AI to analyse your writing style from the existing content in your workspace.

Data usage

You can select if you allow Introist to send your workspace specific data to OpenAI or not.

Currently if you enable data usage, Introist may send the following information:

  • Employee Fields available

  • Connected account emails

  • Workflow step content

Sending detailed information significantly improves the response quality, so enabling data usage is advisable for any long term AI usage. However, leaving it unchecked offers you the possibility of experimenting the AI with guarantee that none of your data (except the instructions you write) is passed to OpenAI.

After changing any setting, remember to click "Save".

You are now ready to utilise Introist AI.

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