Setting up OpenAI account

If you want to set up your own OpenAI account, this is our guide on how to do it so that it is easy to manage later on. Notice that Introist has nothing to do with OpenAI so we only outline the steps here. Refer to OpenAI documentation to get more details on how to complete specific actions.

Create OpenAI account

Navigate to Sign up using your preferred credentials. As you are most likely setting up an account for your company, it is recommended to use your work email.

If you already have an account, you can complete the rest of the steps after logging in to your account.

Create project

Make sure you have the right organisation selected. Create a new project and give it a reasonable name, e.g. "introist". When you create a project used only by Introist, you can easily control details such as API keys, user access, and budget limits specifically for Introist.

Create API key

While having your new project selected, go to "Project API keys" and create new secret key. We recommend choosing "Service account" as "Owned by" and naming the service account e.g. "introist-ai". This way, it is easy for you to detect which actions are executed by Introist. Remember to copy your key as you won't be able to access it again!

This is the key you will paste to Introist when setting up Introist AI.

Set credit limits

To control how much costs can be generated from using Introist AI, you can set limits in project settings.

Go to Settings and under project with your project name you find "Limits". You have an option to set a total Monthly budget making sure that Introist AI usage does not exceed your selected limit. Furthermore, with the Rate limits option you can control how much Introist AI can use tokens and request over a short period of time (minutes).

Remember to check that you have Credit balance in your Organization!

With these steps you have set up OpenAI account where you can safely and conveniently control and monitor AI usage and costs.

Take the created secret key and set up Introist AI.

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