Setting up Introist AI

To set up Introist AI, navigate to Settings => AI. Click "Enable AI" to start. You have two options to select what AI account is used. Introist AI account

With Introist AI account, you don't need to do anything in terms of setting things up, we got that covered. All your AI requests will be handled by our AI account (OpenAI). Using Introist AI account does not incur any costs to you but your monthly usage will be limited.

If you select Introist AI account, confirm the selection by clicking "Next" and then clicking again "Request". We will receive the request and configure your AI within a few business days. When ready, we will send you an email.

Your OpenAI account

You can also use your own OpenAI account by submitting your API key. With this option, you can guarantee that all AI requests are run on your own OpenAI account where you can handle the data and access. Furthermore, you can utilise the AI as much as you like within the budget constraints of your OpenAI account.

If you don't yet have an OpenAI account but would like to set up one, read Setting up OpenAI account.

If you select Your OpenAI account, confirm the selection by clicking "Next", paste your OpenAI API key to the field, and click "Save" to enable the AI.

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