Data Sources

Data Sources are essential for maintaining accurate and timely employee data within Introist. They connect Introist to your existing systems, allowing for the seamless importing of employee information crucial for effective automations.

Primary and Additional Data Sources

The primary Data Source in Introist typically includes your HR Information System (HRIS) or another system where you manage employee records. This source serves as the foundational base for each employee's data.

Additionally, Introist supports the integration of multiple data sources, allowing you to augment the primary data with additional datasets from various systems. This flexibility is beneficial for organizations that manage data across different platforms, enabling a more comprehensive and nuanced utilization of employee information.

Versatility of Data Sources

You have the flexibility to select which data to import from each connected source and to transform it to suit your automation needs. This ensures that the data used in Introist is precisely tailored to enhance your automated processes.

Introist’s data sources also extend beyond traditional HR systems. You can connect data from ERP systems, spreadsheets, and forms, making Introist adaptable to various business tools and environments.


Data Sources are vital for powering Introist’s automation capabilities. By effectively connecting and customizing data from multiple systems, you can leverage rich information in Workflows and Triggers.

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