Create Workflow

Creating a workflow is simple and straightforward. Follow the steps below, and refer to the attached video for a visual guide.

First, navigate to the "Workflows" section. Click on the "New" button and select a workflow from the available options. This will open a form where you can enter the workflow details.

You will need to provide three pieces of information: the name, description, and target date of the workflow. The name and target date are required fields, while the description is optional. For example, you might name your workflow "General Workflow Example" and provide a brief description of its purpose. Make sure to select an appropriate target date. For more details on choosing the right target date, please read our Understanding Target Dates in Workflows.

If you don't see the target date you need, you can read our guide on how to add new employee fields.

Once you have submitted the necessary information, your new workflow will be created. You can then start adding automation steps to streamline your tasks and enhance efficiency.

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