Connecting Severa to Introist only takes a few steps. First, you need to get an API credentials from your Severa account and then create a Data Source to Introist.

Create Severa API Credentials

To create Severa API Credentials, follow these Severa instructions until the heading "Environment URL".

Here's some guidance on what to submit to the fields:

When you have successfully created Client credentials, you are ready to connect Severa to Introist. You might want to copy your "Client ID" and "Client secret" to have them easily available in the next step.

Create Data Source

To add Severa as a Data Source to Introist, navigate to Data => Data sources. Click "Connect data source" and select "Severa" from the integration list. You can change the name for the Data source if you like. Copy and paste the Client ID and Client secret from your Severa REST API settings (see above). Finally, click "Connect" to save the configuration.

You have now successfully connected Severa to Introist!

What next?

Next steps depends on your intended use case. Your Introist implementation expert will guide you on selecting what employee data to sync from Severa.

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