Trigger Settings

There are several setting that you can use to tune how a Trigger launches automations. You can activate and deactivate the setting by toggling them at to bottom of the Triggers right panel.

Start as draft

With start as draft, any Automation started by the trigger is started in the "Draft" state. Activating this is a great way to "soft-launch" your trigger so that you can review every Automation started by it. To make it even more convenient, read more about listing Draft automations and setting up Notifications for Draft automations.

Complete by rule

With complete by rule active, any Automation started by this trigger is automatically completed (canceled) if the Employee does not match the trigger rules anymore. For example, if the trigger is set to start an Automation whenever Employees work permit is about to end soon, the rest of that automation can often be canceled as soon as the work permit is marked as renewed.

Start again

By default, Trigger only start the Workflow once for any given Employee. With start again activated, the trigger can start the Workflow multiple times for the same Employee. When activated, you can set the "cooldown" period, the minimum time between starting for a specific Employee. For example, if we assume work permits need to be renewed every second year, "Work permit ending" trigger should have "Start again" active with a cooldown of e.g. 12 months.

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