Write message with AI

Introist AI Assistant simplifies email composition, making it quick and efficient. To get started, locate the email step within your workflow and find the message field. Here, you will see the AI Assistant.

Click on the AI Assistant to activate it, then type in your instructions for the AI. Be clear and concise with your instructions. For example, you might write, "Draft a formal email to confirm a meeting schedule" or "Create an invitation email for a company event." Once you’ve entered your instructions, submit them by clicking the button next to the field or pressing "Enter". The AI will then process your request and generate a draft of the email message.

After the AI generates the message, a preview will appear. Review the content carefully to ensure it meets your needs and maintains the appropriate tone. Make any necessary modifications directly in the preview window. If the email needs further adjustments, provide updated instructions and request a new version from the AI.

Once you are satisfied with the email draft, you can confirm it by clicking the "Confirm" button. If the draft does not meet your needs, you can discard it and start over with new instructions.

By following these steps, you can effectively utilize Introist AI to compose professional and effective email messages, saving time and ensuring consistency in your communication.

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