Email message

Email messages enable you to automatically send rich, fully personalised emails at the right time.

Workflow step

To create an email step, start adding a new step in the Workflow Editor by clicking "Add" on the timeline or "New" at the top.

Select "Email" from the step type selection.

Write a title for the step. Step title is only visible in Introist to recognise what this step is about.

Select the timing for the step. Notice that your timing options might vary based on Workflow settings.

Select the sender for the step and the receivers. You can use all the common email receivers such as cc, bcc and reply to. You can add Employee based receivers by using the relevant Employee Fields. You may also add static receivers by writing their address and pressing enter.

Next, write the email subject and body as you would be writing an email. You may use any Employee Fields with the quick command of typing a forward slash (/) or by opening the field selector on the format bar.

Finally, you may add attachments for the message.

Click "Save" to add your step to the workflow.

Automation step

When you have created an Automation with an email message step, initially it will be in the scheduled state. At this point, you may edit the automation specific step just like a workflow step.

You also have a few actions for the step:

  • Reschedule step - change the sending time for the email

  • Execute now - instruct Introist to send the email immediately

  • Cancel step - cancel the step so the email is not sent at all

As soon as the the email is sent or canceled, the step will react it's final state of "completed" or "canceled"

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