Slack Question Message

With Slack Question Message you can ask a person to fill any any piece of information directly in Slack.

Before you begin, make sure you have connected at least one Slack sender as instructed in Connect accounts.

Workflow step

To create a Slack Question Message, start by adding new step. Select "Slack Question Message" from the step type select. Give a title for your step, and set the time of sending in Schedule. Select the Employee Field you want to get get filled. Based on the type of the field, Introist will automatically adjust the sent Slack message to include appropriate answer option.

Set up the rest of the message like a regular Slack message step, selecting the sender and recipient(s) and writing your message. Finally click Save to save the step.

Automation step

When you have created an Automation with Slack Question Message, you can edit the message before it is sent.

There are also the following step actions you can take:

  • Reschedule step - change the sending time for the message

  • Execute now - instruct Introist to send the message immediately

  • Cancel step - cancel the step so it is not sent at all

When the message is sent, the step will move to "Pending" state, waiting for a reply from the user. At this point, there are the following actions you can take in the admin panel:

  • Mark completed - manually mark the step completed. Notice that this does not fill any information to employee data and should only be used in special situations.

  • Refresh step - check if an answer has been received and process it accordingly.

  • Cancel step - cancel step and don't wait for an answer anymore.

Shortly after the user answer the question in Slack, the step will update the answered information to the Employees profile and the step will reach the final state "Completed".

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